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Selecting a Bridge for Epiphone and other “Imports”

Selecting a Bridge for Epiphone and other “Imports”

How to select the proper BRIDGE for your Epiphone, Tokai, Ibanez or other imported guitar. BRIDGES While there are many different types of bridges used on imported guitars, such as separate bridge and stop tailpiece, separate bridge and trapeze tailpiece, wraparound...

Upgrading Your Faber® Bridge Saddles

Once you’ve decided on what type of saddles you want to add to your existing bridge Faber bridge, it’s time to install them. If you are unsure what material saddles will be best for you then you can check out our handy video guide Faber Bridge Saddle Removal and/or...

What Faber® Bridge Saddles Should I Get?

What Saddles Should I Get? So, you’ve decided on your new bridge but now you are unsure of which type of saddle to choose. Faber offer saddles in a range of materials: • Nickel Plated Brass • Aged Nickel Plated Brass • Natural Brass • Aged Natural Brass • Titanium...

How To Setup The Intonation On A Faber Bridge

Setting the Intonation on a Faber Bridge Now that you’ve chosen your new Faber bridge to upgrade your guitar with, you need to set the intonation. Faber guitar bridges are fully intonatable. Our ABHR, ABRN, ABRM and Tone-Lock™ bridges all intonate in the same...
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