Faber® ABRH Bridge

For vintage Gibson (1957-1974), Historic/Custom Shop, 1990-2003 LP Classic, and 2017 & later guitars with ABR-1 bridges. Direct fit, drop on replacement for all guitars with ABR-1 bridges.

Faber® ABRN Bridge

For Gibson® guitars using the Nashville bridge system (i.e., non Custom Shop Les Pauls) and Heritage Guitars with Schaller Bridge. Also for use with Faber® conversion bridges posts for Nashville/Schaller system. Direct fit, drop on replacement for original bridge height adjusters with 4mm top posts. Guitars made after 2012 usually have 5mm top posts and Faber® conversion posts are needed on those guitars to fit the ABRN bridge.

Faber® ABRM Bridge

Direct fit for non USA made guitars using 4mm bridge posts mounted directly into the guitar body (no bushings). For Epiphone, Tokai, Ibanez and other imports without 4mm posts (bridge posts screw into metal bushings), Faber® conversion bridge posts are required to fit the ABRM bridge.