Faber® “Tone-Lock”™ MASTER KIT

Our BEST sustain & tone enhancing products can now be ordered in one convenient “Master Kit,” at a 5% discount over buying the parts separately!The “Tone-Lock”™ MASTER KIT includes “Tone-Lock”™ studs and spacers, a TP-59 tailpiece and a “Tone-Lock”™ Bridge. Choose the “For Gibson Guitars” category to completely upgrade your ABR-1 equipped guitar (i.e., Gibson Historics and any guitars using ABR-1 style 6-32 direct mounted bridge posts), or a Nashville bridge equipped guitar (requires optional Faber® bridge studs – pre made kits available!). Choose the “For Epiphone, Tokai, Ibanez & other Imported guitars” category for guitars with 4mm direct mounted bridge posts (i.e., non-USA made guitars, such as Tokai), or, using the optional Faber® E-Sert or ESWKIT™, for many Epiphone guitars and other non-USA made guitars using Bushing Mounted Bridge Posts. Master Kits available for Heritage Guitars as well. See product descriptions for further details.