Faber® has designed several different types of replacement bridge studs, to get your guitar looking great and, more importantly, sounding great! We have 3 solutions for Gibson® guitars with Nashville bridges and Heritage guitars with Schaller bridges, ranging from the easy install-no modification NSWKIT™, the moderately easy to install iNsert™, to the BSWKIT, which is more difficult to install but offers the best sustain. Each of these solutions will allow you to use a Faber® ABRN or the Tone-Lock™ Bridge. For Epiphone, and other imports using large body inserts for the bridge studs, we have the E-Sert™ – the best available solution for such guitars, allowing the use of the Faber® ABRM bridge, or the Tone-Lock™ bridge. For new builds, we have 6-32 ABR-1 sized posts and thumbwheels, “Extra Long” 6-32 posts (1.5″ long, thumbwheels not included but available separately) or the little more “meaty” 4mm studs and thumbwheels. No matter the project, Faber® has the bridge studs you need.