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I received the kit on Saturday.  All I can say is WOW!  Immediately noticed a clarity when playing acoustically and an increase in volume and sustain.  Very easy to install and such a big upgrade.  I will spare trying to explain the tonal differences,  its kind of like trying to verbalize what color looks like.  All I can say is that I am very happy with the punch, clarity, increased sustain and locking feature of the bridge and tailpiece.  So many benefits for a very reasonable price.  Thanks again for your prompt email responses to my questions and selling me such a great product!




I just got the new Faber hardware installed on my 2011 Les Paul Traditional.   WOW!  I love the look, feel, and playability of the guitar, but I was ready to sell it because I just wasn’t happy with the tone.  I was doing A/B tests with it and my ‘92 Studio and, regardless of the pickup and wiring changes, the Studio beat it every time.  Now it’s killing the Studio and I know it’s a keeper.  WAY more note definition, separation, and sustain.  It’s like a blanket was lifted off of the amp.  Of course, now I need to order another Faber setup for the Studio.  The tone-chasing continues…


“G.G, USA”

Hey Larry,
I looked around for a bit when I decided to replace my ABR-1 on my 3 pickup Custom with Bigsby. I considered everybody, also inquired on various guitar forums. Many suggestions as you might well expect. Faber had the majority. I considered much of it hyperbole (after all, everyone thinks theirs is the best and y’all are trying to sell product) but I liked the fact that it said rattle free which was one of the problems with my Gibson ABR. I bought one on Fri. the 15th, an aged, gold unnotched one. I got it today, I’m in Okinawa, Japan.  Well it is rattle free and it’s so much more. Actually, kinda unbelievable. I don’t need another ABR att, but if I ever do I’ll never even consider anything else. It even sounds better unplugged, it’s made a difference. I will recommend this, and your other products, to everyone I know.
A loyal customer for life,

“A.P., USA”

I wanted to send you a note to thank you for getting the bridge parts out to me so quickly. I also wanted to say that I originally intended to just drop the ABRN bridge onto the Nashville studs. It went fine, but I am glad I went with the BSWKIT as well. I removed the original slugs installed the stud kit, and the difference in both sustain and the flavor of the tone wood of my 2001 Les Paul is miles better than it was originally. As I stated early on it wasn’t shabby before the change out. I know you already know this, but I will say it anyway. The Faber stuff is amazing…
Thanks Man…

“J.C., Canada”

I just wanted to say that the Faber tone lock arrived and is everything that the hype promised it to be.
My Les Paul Special sounds and feels like a different instrument … luxurious and piano-like.
Thanks for a great product.

“D.B., USA”

I got the bridge and tail yesterday and installed it and it is fantastic. Huge difference! Your product looks as beautiful as it sounds too. I put it on a cheaper Ibanez semi-hollow body that had a bridge that raddled and was just barely decent enough to be on any guitar.

“K.M., USA”

A lot of times you don’t get what you want -but the bridge that you sent was spectacular!
Om Gosh the sustain and brightness of tone. Far out! (child of the sixties)
Kick’in, I would recommend to anyone!
P.S. I already had the Farber aluminum tail piece on my Heritage Les Paul. the bridge sent it to the next dimension!
Found that 59 tone Happy!

“P.L., USA”

I’ve played guitar for 31yrs, been in professional sales for 18+, – my point is when something goes wrong – people always let you know how you fell short but never how your service and or product excelled. I can’t help but chime in to you guys because the service, delivery and most importantly – was so much more than I ever expected. Thank you all – the bridge and tail piece look and sound incredible!!!

“M.Y., USA”

The Faber bridge arrived yesterday. Upon close examination, I am very impressed with the overall quality of materials and construction. The locking mechanism is so simple, yet elegant. By that, I mean that it appears natural to the vintage design. I appreciate your sending me one in this early stage of the marketing-I am certain that this will be a very well-accepted product in the conservative Les Paul high end market.

“M.G., Poland”

“I installed the tone-lock. Guitar sounds amazing. Previously even with the new strings it sounded muddy, now is like an acoustic guitar, full and rich. Important thing is to remove the soft pads between the lacquer (under the finish) and the studs’ nuts, to direct contact the rings and the nuts. I don’t know why the Gibson put them, they kill the sound.
Regards Martin”

“M.B, USA”

This is my third Faber ToneLock installation. I have it on both my Les Pauls and of course it sounds great. I finally put a ToneLock Hybridge (brass and titanium) on my 335, which has always sounded somewhat dead and flat, especially when not plugged in. Now this baby rings and the sound is so much fuller. I am really getting the range now that this guitar is designed for; country, rock, jazz, blues, slide, and fingerpicking. If you have a Gibson, you won’t believe the difference! Easy installation, by the way. Thanks, guys!

“D.S, USA”

Hi larry,

Just wanted to get back with you about the Bridge and studs/parts.

Great quality stuff. I have been thru a lot of different bridge and stud parts in the past and finally got the right parts.

The bushings fit in quite nice and tight. I will be getting more for my EPI.

I will be getting another bridge and stud kit very soon.

“D.W., USA”

Larry, got all the parts that you sent installed into my new Firebird. All the new parts looked great, especially the ABR,the saddles fit in their grooves just right. The iNserts fit great, and I love how solid the bridge feels when locked down. Tone-Pros sent me two of their bridges for free, and this Faber Tone-Lock smokes them. I had rattles in both of the Tone-Pros! And I HATE the mini set screws they use as a lock! Also the ABR has enough clearance where I can sit the tailpiece down on the the smallest Tone-Lock rings which I like. Above all though this is one of the bigger differences in tone made by the Faber systems that I have installed on my personal guitars. I currently have the Tone-Lock system on 1 Les Paul Special, 2 Heritage H150’s, and my 2013 Firebird. So thanks for a great product, and I will continue to spread the word about your components.

“R.B., USA”

Hi, I received my ABRN Bridge and found it to be really easy to install on my Heritage H-150 Les Paul. I really appreciate the quick shipping and quality of parts you offer. It only took about 5 minutes to replace the bridge and studs. The weight of your bridge is nice and the details and finish are superb. I was so happy to have the rattling of the loose tension screw on the B string saddle go away with the old inferior bridge, and just love this new bridge. Next up a new ABRH bridge for my 335!

“M.M., USA”

“I’ve put everything on my 61 SG and must say it sounds really great. I’m going to do my SG Classic next. The only thing remaining on my upgrades of both is new caps. The spacers worked fine for the varied heights of the posts on the tail piece. I used a short one on the bass string side and a medium one for the treble side. It was so easy putting it all together. By the way, the intonation on the bridge was almost spot on!! Thanks again man……I’ll be doing more business with you.”

“G.M., APO-AP”

I looked around for a bit when I decided to replace my ABR-1 on my 3 pickup Custom with Bigsby. I considered everybody, also inquired on various guitar forums. Many suggestions as you might well expect. Faber had the majority. I considered much of it hyperbole (after all, everyone thinks theirs is the best and y’all are trying to sell product) but I liked the fact that it said rattle free which was one of the problems with my Gibson ABR. I bought one on Fri. the 15th, an aged, gold unnotched one. I got it today, I’m in Okinawa, Japan.  Well it is rattle free and it’s so much more. Actually, kinda unbelievable. I don’t need another ABR att, but if I ever do I’ll never even consider anything else. It even sounds better unplugged, it’s made a difference. I will recommend this, and your other products, to everyone I know.
A loyal customer for life.

“T.B., Australia”

“I put the studs and tail piece on this afternoon – chose the middle sized (4mm?) insert as this seemed closest to the height I had the old studs at. The previous tail piece was also a lightweight aluminium job, but yours perhaps feels slightly lighter. Interestingly the new studs are a tighter fit than the previous ones – not nearly as much play once threaded in a few mm. How does it sound? Definitely different. I’ve tried top-wrapping this guitar in the past, but while it seemed to have more ring and an airier sound, it lost some of the harmonics I like (it actually has a fairly shallow neck angle, so there wasn’t a lot of angle across the bridge with the top-wrap). I’d say the sound now seems a little like the best of both – the positives of the top-wrap, without losing those cool harmonics. It also feels like it has more sustain than it’s ever had.”

“B.L., USA”

I put the ToneLock Hybridge on my 2014 Gibson R7 and it completely fixed the rattling issues that I had with the stock ABR-1. This bridge is the real deal. I noticed an immediate difference unplugged, but plugged in the string separation seems to be more defined and the guitar has a more articulate voice. It doesn’t, however, sound tinny or harsh. This bridge merely brought out more of what I liked about my Les Paul and got eliminated irritating rattle, all while increasing sustain. Nigel Tufnel would be more than pleased.

“E.E., USA”


First, thanks so much for working with me on combining the shipping on the 2 separate orders I placed. Got everything yesterday (super-fast!) and I couldn’t wait to get everything on my 2013 LP Traditional. HOLY COW what a great difference! Sound is clearer, sustain greater. I can feel the stings vibrate through the body of the guitar in a way I couldn’t with the conventional Nashville studs. SUPER easy to install! Very very happy customer!

“M.G., USA”

I have to say, my LP standard has your abr on it and anyone who plays it RAVES about it. I can’t tell you how much the tone improved, even just unplugged when i swapped it out.

can’t wait to put the ABRN on the custom i just bought!

have a great weekend,

“J.S., Malta”

“I am writing to let you know how happy i am with the kit. I installed this in my ’94 LP Classic PP replacing the Tonepros steel locking studs and a Gotoh tailpiece. i immediately noticed that the Faber studs were longer and a tighter fit than the Tonepros, in fact initially i got scared they would not go all the way in the bushings. One stud was tight but in they went, and was pleasantly surprised what a difference the kit made! I mean i honestly expected a change but this is just great, the guitar has come alive. So thank you for the stuff.”

“G.A, USA”


I didn’t know where to send a thank you, but I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with your products. Years ago I purchased a very expensive Gibson Historic Reissue 1954/56 Black Beauty with P90/Alnico Staple. After having a lot of work done on it to play correctly I finally broke down and replaced the bridge and tailpiece with your kit and it took the guitar to the next level in terms of playability, stability, looks and tone!
I recently picked up a Gibson Reissue 1957 Les Paul Junior and your wrap around bridge / tailpiece with the hybrid tone bars saved this guitar! It has gone from a closet queen (because of intonation issues) to my #1 gigging guitar!
Finally, I picked up a 2014 LP Standard that needed some TLC. I got around to replacing the terrible stock Nashville bridge with your ABR conversion posts and bridge and it’s night and day! Perfect intonation, no having to spin saddles around and it’s just great! I’m about to buy the matching tailpiece right now.

Thanks again for the wonderful craftsmanship you put into your hardware. The fact there is a US distributor is absolutely perfect, I have received my items quickly and efficiently and they have worked incredibly well on my Gibson guitars.

“R.F., USA”

I just wanted to let you know that I received the bridge kit and I have it already installed on my Les Paul Anniversary Flood.
The setup was very easy and I set the string height, tail piece height and intonation before playing it. All we needed to hear was the first strum before plugging in to an amp to hear the fullness and sustain. And then, the first strum of an open A through the amp was astounding. I was expecting perhaps a subtle change in tone and some sustain improvements but not the huge boost in everything.
I know that results will vary depending on the instrument, but holy sh****!!! what a transformation! Maybe the newer chambered LP’s respond better to the bridge and tailpiece upgrade? I don’t know, but it’s great.
I am very very blown away right now. Thank you!

“-J.M., USA”


Not that you need another testimonial, but I just installed a Tone-Lock ABRL bridge on my cheap-but-fun Chinese-made travel guitar, and holy cow!! did this bridge improve its tone and sustain! I really couldn’t be any more impressed. Your bridge took an cheap-but-fun $100 guitar that had relatively poor sustain and transformed it into an actual instrument. Between your bridge, posts, and the locking mechanism, I am now getting more sustain than I could have hoped for…

“M.C., USA”

I wanted to let you know I’ve recently installed your Tone-Lock Master Kit on my ‘96 Gibson Les Paul Custom and I couldn’t be happier. Now, it not only looks better, it sounds better! The kit was a breeze to install. Everything I needed was provided and was carefully packaged to avoid damage. The parts all appear to be of high quality, and there were no visible defects.

“S.G., USA”

Hello. I have an Epiphone Les Paul. I have removed the original bridge bushings and installed the E-sert conversion posts. They fit perfectly. Swapping out the hardware was unbelievable easy. Then I put a wireless bridge over the posts and it fits perfectly. The thumb-wheels move smoothly up and down the threads on the thin posts. I couldnt be happier! Now I’m looking into further upgrades. I’m interested in buying a Faber locking bridge for another project on which I’m using the E-serts.

“S.L., USA”

I don’t believe the difference this bridge made to a guitar I had almost given up on. She’s an early SG Classic with an ABR1. Just couldn’t get the tone I expected from the P90s or the feel of the action no matter how I tweaked it. Popped on the Faber, and bang! Twice the acoustic volume, great tight feel, better separation and there’s the tone! I don’t rave about many mods, don’t buy into the locking bridge deal and never consider leaving well enough alone in that elusive search for perfect tone, but this is the most I’ve been impressed with a piece in near 50 yrs of playing. Can’t believe these aren’t as well known out there as they deserve to be. Thanks, I’ll be back.

“J.B., USA”

I just played a gig with your sustaing kit installed on my favorite es-335 and fans who hear me often came up and said “what have you done? your guitar sounds incredible!” after all these years they finally heard something new.
This guitar is so alive now that the only downside is that I’ve got to do this on all my other Gibson guitars…my other 335 now sounds like cardboard.
This is a superior product and worth every penny.

“J.H., USA”

“I recently installed one of your “tone lock” kits in my ’96 R0. To say the guitar came alive would be a gross understatement. I expected some difference, but was startled at how much better my guitar sounds now. And I obtained this guitar NOS in ’99 and have put many hours on it since then, so am intimately familiar with its sound. It’s keeping me up late! Thanks for this product and for your lightening-fast delivery.”

“B.S., USA”

“I received the bridge in the mail yesterday and wanted to thank you for taking the time to notch the saddles for me. While the bridge was gingerly on it’s way back to you, I ordered the locking tailpiece, and what a great purchase both pieces are. After a quick installation and set up, my guitar sounds amazing! The notes, especially on the lower strings, are very well articulated, and higher strings just sing! “

“M.Y., USA”

“WOW!!! First off I wasn’t expecting to even receive my order until maybe tomorrow or Wednesday at best. So thank you so much for sending it out over the weekend!!!

More importantly, this bridge sounds amazing! I’ve had an awful time trying to get my 2016 Les Paul traditional to sound as good as I knew it could. I recently replaced the pickups with a set that were more to my liking (Wolfetone Marshallheads). That fix worked to get me the sound and output I was looking for. Unfortunately it also brought out all the short comings of the stock Gibson Nashville bridge. If I got the high B and E strings to sound good, the wound strings were muddy and lacked clarity. If I got the wound strings sounding good and punchy, the high B and E strings would be shrill and ice-picky. And no amount of pickup adjusting could work around it.

I don’t usually start espousing the greatness of a piece of gear or replacement part without spending a lot more time with it but this hybrid bridge just sounds so fantastic. Everything is sounding loud and proud now! I’ve been searching for this balance with this guitar for so long, I wish I would have found you all sooner! Love, love, loving it!

Thanks again!”