Choosing Saddle Notching

(Note: ALL Faber® bridges have Pre Notched Saddles standard. After choosing your saddle configuration, you may also choose to have saddles WITHOUT notches installed)

Pre-Notched Saddles

All Faber® Bridges, regardless of model, have Pre Notched saddles installed at the factory. These are simply “starter” notches, dead center. In many cases nothing needs to be done to these notches prior to installation on your guitar. For the plain strings, the starter notches are always adequate. In some cases, you may want to widen the notches for the wound strings. A small file can accomplish this task easily, just widening enough so that the string can rest a little deeper into the notch. However, for best results, your saddles should be notched for your preferred string gauge.

Unnotched Saddles

If desired, FaberUSA can replace the standard pre-notched saddles with unnotched saddles. We charge $15 for this service, using the “no notch” version of the saddle configuration you chose for your bridge. The saddles will then need to be notched to your preferred string gauge after installing the bridge on your guitar. This should be done with special gauged files specifically for this purpose. As most casual guitar players don’t possess the required files, this operation will most likely need to be done by a qualified guitar technician.