Faber® “Tone-Lock”™ MASTER KIT – For Epiphone & Imported Guitars
All Pro Sustainer System™ parts can now be ordered in one convenient “Master Kit,” at a 5% discount over buying the parts separately. The “Tone-Lock”™ MASTER KIT includes “Tone-Lock”™ studs and spacers, a TP-59 tailpiece and a “Tone-Lock”™ Bridge. This is the kit to buy to completely upgrade your non-USA made guitar with 4mm bridge posts (i.e., Tokai) or for many Epiphone and other non-USA made guitars using a Large Bridge Post bridge system. For the latter, Faber® conversion bridge posts are required. Choose a pre-made kit with the conversion posts of your choice! In addition, you may also choose to have non pre-notched saddles installed on your Tone-Lock™ bridge.