What Type Of Wraparound Bridge Do I Need?

What Type of Wraparound Bridge Do I Need?

Some guitars from the Gibson catalog and other Gibson inspired guitars, will have wrap around bridges rather than the more often seen Tune-o-Matic style. A wraparound bridge is where you pass the strings through the bridge away from the guitar and wrap them back over the top before pulling them up the neck as usual.

Wraparound bridges are most often associated with Junior style guitars (Les Paul Jr, SG Jr), but were also used on very early Gibson standards before the development of the more conventional Tune-o-Matic style.

If you have a wraparound bridge FaberUSA stocks a range of options to suit all needs.


Faber Wraparound

Faber USA offers a range of vintage style wraparound bridges. These bridges are the perfect replacement for your worn out wrap around or as a replacement to allow you to preserve the condition of your original vintage unit. Our wraparounds are lightweight aluminum made to the correct 50s vintage style. They are non-compensated which means the individual strings cannot be intonated. The bridge has 2 small Allan key adjustments which move the bridge closer or further from the bridge posts to adjust the intonation across all 6 strings.


Faber® Tone-Bar™ Compensated Wraparound

If you want to retain the vintage look and feel but also have the additional piece of mind of improved intonation the Faber Tone-Bar wraparound is a perfect choice. Our Tone-Bar series contains two tone bars integrated into the lightweight aluminum tailpiece which provides improved intonation, more precise tone and reduction of dead spots. As standard, the Tone-Bar uses two brass tone bars. We also offer out HYBRIDge option, which uses a brass bar for the plain G-B-E strings and a titanium bar for the wound E-A-D strings, providing a perfect balance of brightness and warmth. Finally, we have the all titanium bar version for added brightness on guitars which are naturally dark sounding.


Faber® TPWC™ Compensated Wraparound

The Faber TPWC Compensated bridge has the familiar “lightning bolt” design in lightweight aluminum, for those seeking passive compensation in a more traditional, vintage look.


Faber® Wraptonate™ Wraparound

The most comprehensive replacement for a wraparound style bridge is our Wraptonate bridge. The Wraptonate bridge offers fully adjustable saddles for each string. It has the practicality of a wraparound bridge and the adjustability of a tune-o-matic. The Wraptonate allows users to get the perfect intonation for each string and will provide an overall improvement to any wraparound equipped bridge. That 50s style un-intonatable guitars can now be perfecting in tune across the fretboard. Where the Wraptonate falls short in vintage stylings, it more than makes up for with adjustability.

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