As has been noted on Internet forums, Gibson® drills holes for their ABR-1 bridge studs approximately 1″ deep, but uses short bridge studs which are only inserted about half that depth. When using longer studs that “bottom out” in the holes, improvement in tone has been reported. Faber® is happy to introduce our new steel “ST-XL” 1.5 inch long studs for ABR-1!

(PLEASE NOTE: We have received reports of Gibson NOT drilling 1″ deep holes on newer Historic/Custom Shop models. Please measure the depth of the post holes before attempting to install Faber ST-XL bridge posts)

This is a simple “remove and replace” modification that can enhance the tone of your ABR-1 equipped Custom Shop guitar! Fine German steel, available in gloss or aged nickel plating and gloss or aged gold plating (studs only – keep your existing thumb wheels).
For “new builds,” the ST-XL studs are a good choice when going for historic accuracy. Thumb wheels not included. Thumb wheels are available separately.