Important note about Nashville posts

Beginning around 2012, the size of the upper portion of the Nashville bridge posts was enlarged to 5mm, which is too large to fit the ABRN bridge. We initially saw this on the Studio model, but lately we have seen it on the Les Paul Traditional. It is likely that all, or most, guitars using the Nashville will eventually have the 5mm posts. If you intend to use the Faber® ABRN as a direct replacement for your Nashville, and your guitar is a 2012 or newer, please check the diameter of your Nashville bridge posts. If it is 5mm, the only alternative is to replace the posts with Faber® 4mm conversion bridge posts (iNsert™, BSWKIT® or NSWKIT™). The lower portion of the Nashville post, which screws into the body inserts, is unchanged, so using Faber® replacement bridge posts will work as before.