Faber® Bridge Spare Parts Kit

The Faber® Bridge Spare Parts Kit consists of one saddle, one saddle screw, and three retaining clips. These parts will come in handy if you need to change a saddle for any reason, or if you need to reverse a saddle’s orientation for better intonation. Often, the small screw retaining clips get lost or deformed during removal. It’s a good idea to purchase one of these at the same time as purchasing a new bridge, to limit any down time during initial installation if you need to remove a saddle for any reason. These kits are not available separately and are priced at approximately 50% off what you would pay purchasing the parts separately. Screw finish color and saddle will match the color and saddle type of the ordered bridge. If you chose the HYBRIDge™ Option, you can purchase the “Spare Parts Kit w/Titanium Saddle” which will contain one regular and one titanium saddle in the kit.