#3076-2 Bridge Saddle Screws, Gloss Gold

#3 Best Seller in Faber® Bridge Saddle Screws
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What’s This For?

  • For Faber bridges only (except WRAPTONATE™ bridge)!
  • Includes 3 each screws, teflon washers and retaining clips
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1 review for #3076-2 Bridge Saddle Screws, Gloss Gold

  1. gonczi (verified owner)

    Great set of saddle screws. The kit contains 3 screws, delrin washers and lock rings. so you need 2 kits for a guitar.
    Unfortunately these do not fit as Nashville bridge, although based on the looks, one would think they might.
    My bridge is an Ibanez Gibraltar with Nashville-style intonation screws, just like the way these look.
    heads up[, these screws did not fit my Nashville style bridge, (too short, and too skinny)

    The seller could easily avoid similar mis-fitment by posting the screw length and thread type /size as part of the listing.
    It baffles me they why they do not do this. In any kind of replacement/upgrade situation, dimensions provide a trivially
    easy way to verify fitment, and totally take the guesswork out of it.

    Looks like the total length of this screw is 12mm, not including the screw head, vs the original screws on this bridge are about 19mm, measured the same way,.
    No idea what size thread, I would have to take it down to HD or a hardware store to size it. Looks like about 1mm dia. screw.

    So: great screws, although a bit expensive. Poor to nonexistent fitment info.

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