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Compatible Bridge Mounting


ABRN Bridge for Gibson with Nashville Bridge Made Before 2012
and Heritage Guitars with Schaller Bridges

Perhaps the most vintage correct replacement bridge available on the market today! No rattle-causing retainer wire! Flat top saddles provide tight, 100% mechanical contact in the ABR frame. Available in various frame and saddle finishes.

This bridge is a Direct DROP ON REPLACEMENT for all Heritage guitars with Schaller bridges and for Gibson guitars with Nashville bridges using bushing mounted bridge posts made prior to 2012. If your Gibson guitar with a Nashville bridge was made from 2012 to the present,  please see  “ABRN Bridge with Conversion Bridge Posts”  for compatible ABRN Bridges.

NOTE: If you plan on replacing your Bushing Mounted Bridge Posts with Faber® steel conversion posts (a very good idea!), for Heritage with Schaller bridge and ANY YEAR Gibson with Nashville bridge, please see “ABRN Bridge with Conversion Bridge Posts”

Specifications of Color and Saddle Options are YOURS to decide on.

Choose your color, then continue customizing your Tone-Lock™ Bridge.