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Faber® ABRM Bridge

For Epiphone & Imports with Bushing Mounted Bridge Posts

NOTE: Conversion Bridge Posts are required on Epiphone & Import Guitars with Bushing Mounted Bridge Posts. Choose your post type below.

These kits are for Epiphone, Tokai, Ibanez and other Imports using Bushing Mounted Bridge Posts. If your guitar uses Direct Mounted Bridge Posts, conversion bridge posts are not required. Please see  “ABRM Bridge for Epiphone & Imported Guitars using Direct Mounted Bridge Posts”  for compatible ABRM Bridges

Specifications of Color, Saddles and Installation Methods are all YOURS to decide on.

The first step in selecting an ABRM Bridge is choosing YOUR installation option

ABRM Bridge "E-Z"


The ABRM “E-Z” is designed to be installed with absolutely no tools or special skills needed.

Simply remove your existing bridge and tailpiece, and drop in your new Faber® Premium Hardware.

ABRM Bridge "Plus"


The “Plus” Kit adds even more tone and sustain by including superior Faber® Premium Combination Bridge Studs/Posts with separate thumb wheels.

Replacement of your current bridge mounts is simple and requires no special skills or tools.