Over a decade of refinement has made Faber Premium Guitar Hardware upgrades the best in the industry. Made from the finest materials, the Faber® design principal is installation must be simple, with no compromise in performance.

Years of working with serious players has given us insight to what is demanded, and Faber Premium Hardware delivers.

No need to pay a luthier. Most Faber Premium Hardware is easily Player installed. With no special skills or tools, you will enjoy the best possible tone your guitar can deliver.

Ordering is simple. You will be walked through every step to ensure your Faber Hardware is an exact fit for your particular brand and model guitar, and customized to YOUR specifications.


Faber Master Kit Advantage Point #1

Tone-Lock™ Locking Tailpiece Studs

Exacting Tolerances for Maximum Contact

Built from the Highest Quality German Steel

Precision Matched to fit the TP-'59 Stop Tailpiece




Faber Master Kit Advantage Point #2

TP-'59 Aluminum Tailpiece

Engineered for Maximum Contact with Tone-Lock™ Studs

100% Lightweight Aluminum for the Woody, "Vintage" Tone


Tone-Lock Bridge

Faber Master Kit Advantage Point #3

Tone-Lock™ Locking ABR-'59 Bridge

Precision Engineered to Lock to the Posts.

Once Set, No Future Adjustments Needed

Saddles Available in Brass, Nickel and Titanium



Faber Master Kit Advantage Point #4

iNsert™ Steel Conversion Bridge Studs

One Piece Integrated Stud/Post with Separate Thumb Wheels

Superior Transfer of String Energy to the Guitar Body

Simple Install - No Special Skills or Tools Needed

If you can change your guitar strings, You can install a Faber® Master Kit!