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Tone-Lock™ Bridge For Gibson® Nashville & Heritage Schaller

Replace your Gibson® Nashville bridge and the Heritage Schaller bridge with a Faber® Tone-Lock™ bridge! Bring out yhe best in your guitars, with better tone and more sustain. Neither the Nashville Bridge nor the Heritage Schaller bridge natively support installation of the Tone-Lock™ Bridge. The good news is, Faber® has converion kits to replace your stock tone robbing zinc alloy bridge mounting hardware with the finest quality German steel conversion posts. Choose the best solution for you from our three available conversion posts, and order a Tone-Lock™ bridge today!


Easiest solution!

No modifications!

Remove & Replace!


Easy “Do It Yourself” installation

Watch “How-To” video!


Great solution!

(Professional installation recommended)

Tone-Lock™ Bridge with NSWKIT™ Conversion Posts

Tone-Lock™ Bridge with iNsert™ Conversion Posts

Tone-Lock™ Bridge with BSWKIT™ Conversion Posts

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