In my experience, any guitar will benefit greatly from Corsa-Faber Premium Hardware and Corsa Pickups.   Who doesn’t want better tone, increased sustain and better performance?
While I still feel the best candidate for conversion are Gibson’s Faded Series, they are becoming increasingly hard to find,  and risen significantly in price.  Additionally,  players do prefer other finishes and models.  To address this,  I will be offering various models and finishes to appeal both personal taste and budget.  I  personally select each  for the elusive combination of playability and great value.   These guitars will also have my no questions asked satisfaction guarantee.  
I can convert your #1 guitar with Corsa-Faber Premium Hardware and Corsa Electronics to your exact specifications.  You choose everything from top to botttom, from Tuners to the Tailpiece.
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You can also do your own upgrades by ordering Corsa / Corsa Faber Premium Hardware.  Do your upgrades in stages as your budget allows and enjoy the satisfaction of doing it yourself !
All Corsa / Corsa-Faber part have detailed instructions and videos.  Check out Corsa / Corsa-Faber Premium Hardware and Electronics   ClickHere XXXX

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