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Identify Your Bridge Type

It is essential to know what type of bridge you have on your guitar so you can choose the proper section to see all the parts available for your guitar.

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Guitar Models

All Gibson® Custom Shop guitars with separate bridge and stop tailpiece

All Gibson® guitars with separate bridge and stop tailpiece from late 1957 until the introduction of the “Nashville” bridge in the early to mid 1970’s

Gibson® Les Paul “Classic” model, from 1990 until a change to the “Nashville” bridge in the mid 2000’s

Imports using 4mm bridge posts (“Import ABR-1 type”). See below for the other type of bridge more commonly found on imported guitars

Note: The bridge posts for Gibson® ABR-1  & “Import ABR-1 type” have separate thumb wheels which ride up or down the post while turning, and are inserted directly into the wood body of the guitar

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Guitar Models

Most American Made Gibson® Guitars since the mid 1970’s, and Heritage Guitars with Schaller bridges. Also, for recent Gibson Les Paul Traditional and Classic models with “ABR-1” bridge.

Bridges are noticeably wider than the ABR-1 bridge and usually are mounted with the saddle adjustment screw heads facing the tailpiece. In addition, the bridge posts are one piece, with stationary thumb wheel, and the lower portion screws into a metal bushing mounted in the guitar body. This system requires the use of conversion bushings to use the Faber® Tone-Lock™ bridge. The Faber® ABRN may be used as a drop on replacement for guitars made prior to 2013. Models 2013 to present require conversion bushing to use the ABRN bridge.

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Epiphone, Tokai, Ibanez

and many other imports

Guitar Models

Most imports, such as modern Epiphone, Tokai, Ibanez, etc.

View the expanded image on the left to see the defining characteristics of this bridge system. Notable are the screwdriver slots on the tops of the adjustment posts and the large metal bushings the posts screw into to adjust bridge height. This is the most common bridge system installed on on USA made guitars. Some Epiphone and early model Tokai and Ibanez guitars use the “Import ABR-1 type” of bridge, which is markedly different than this system. See the “ABR-1” bridge type, above, if your imported guitar does not match this image and description.

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